About Bruce Meleski Ph.D, (Dr. Mel)




  Dr. Bruce Wayne Meleski has blended technology and healthcare throughout his career to create Intelligent Sleep, a sleep wellness program as important as exercise and nutrition in the framework of health and longevity.

He developed Intelligent Sleep based upon his experience with wellness and fitness.  Watching the explosion of the fitness and nutritional industry during his career, he identified the critical need for sleep wellness based on relaxation, brain nutrition, behavioral modification, and eco-friendly sleep environment.  Intelligent sleep provides programs developed specifically for individual needs. 


Bruce studied Physical Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania prior to moving to Austin to pursue a Masters and Ph.D. degree in Human Biology at The University of Texas.   Completing research in sports medicine and human growth and development, Dr. Meleski developed Body Logic software for athletic training and rehabilitation.  The software platform helped train more than 35,000 athletes annually, and more than 400 NCAA champions.  Dr. Meleski had a career at IBM as a systems engineer and academic specialist account specialist working with The University of Texas on leading edge technology from mainframe computing, networking, CAD, supercomputer analytics, and personal computing.  In the 1990s, he worked for Healthway Interactive, a patient communications company with health information websites, in-patient communications systems, and medical content.  He led a strategic partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine and assisted in raising $22M for a Singapore based initiative.  Dr. Meleski has also worked with healthcare delivery systems including Baylor Healthcare in Dallas, Partners in Boston, and Covenant Healthcare in Lubbock, Texas.


With a desire to return to working with individuals and impacting their health and wellbeing, Dr. Meleski started IntelliBED of Austin, LP in 2004 with the patented IntelliGel™ mattress and pillows that provides greater pressure relief than foams and lasts 4 to 10 times longer.  In 2009, Dr. Meleski added the Brain Wave Fitness element to improve sleep and brain function with stress management and nutrition.  In 2011, he became certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia studying with Dr. Gregg Jacobs of Boston. “With the addition of CBT-I we can now impact everyone who suffers from insomnia with clinically proven methods” says Dr. Meleski.  In 2012, Intelligent Sleep added its unique Enlightenment Energy Program, the pinnacle of energy programs. In 2013, Intelligent Sleep added sound healing, biofeedback, and memory interventions to further advance the sleep wellness programs.  After moving to 9415 Burnet Road Ste. 104, Austin TX 78758  during 2013, Dr. Meleski started a seminar series and the RestSpa programs at the new location.